Introductory Questions

  1. Provide your name, major, year in school (sophomore, junior, etc).

    My name is Iris Hu, majoring in Communication Design and Japanese, a junior.

  2. Tell us a bit about your background and what prompted you to take this class.

    I was born in China and lived there before college. I took this class because it's more about builiding things instead of designing things, which is quite different from other studios.

  3. Do you have any experience with HTML/CSS/JS? If so, tell us a bit about it.

    I don't have experience with any of the three but touched a little bit on Java programing for a year in highschool if that counts. But I've already forgotten 99.9% of what I learnt.

  4. Name one thing you hope to learn in this class.

    The very thing I would like to learn is how to build my own webpage with self-introduction, portfolio, and other informations about me.

  5. Name one way you expect designing for screen to be different from designing for paper.

    Desigining for screen is more straightforward with sizes and display. Unlike working on PS and AI for printed papers that needs interpretions of the real sizes of your artwork, working on screen disregards that process of transforming from the digital to the real.

  6. Provide a link to a website you think exemplifies effective design. Explain your choice.

    I think Ascui & Co has a good design. I like the clean, smooth, and minimal feelings this website delivers.

  7. Provide a link to a website you think exemplifies effective communication. Explain your choice.

    I think WashU official website exemplifies effective design, because visitors can be directed to their desired sections with the help of clear categorizations with in a minute, and they can also get an overview of recent school news.

  8. Provide a link to a website you think works well. Explain your choice.

    I think WUCSE Degree Show works well. It only uses geometric shapes and types as both adornments and functional elements but still creates a surprising user experience.